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Achieve Your
Healthiest Smile with a
Dedicated Family Dentist

Meet Dr. Heathman

A Higher Standard of Care

"We strive to provide patients of all ages with a higher standard of dental care. We achieve this goal by developing genuine relationships, treating you with the utmost respect and compassion, and providing treatment which is precisely tailored to meet your unique needs."

Professional & Personable Care


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An Arkansas native, Dr. Montgomery Heathman is dedicated to providing patients in and around Little Rock, AR, with outstanding dentistry. A member of several esteemed organizations, including the American Dental Association and Arkansas State Dental Association, he is continually striving to improve his professional skills. Dr. Heathman has had a lifelong passion for dentistry. He has spent more than 18 years in practice developing his expertise in all types of dental procedures and has become professionally and personally recognized as a trusted doctor who can care for all your needs.

Dr. Heathman's personal philosophy of treating people with dignity, respect, integrity, and understanding also applies to his role as your dentist. Whether it be his caring and personable demeanor or attention to detail, there is no question that Dr. Heathman always provides the highest standard of care.

Team at Heathman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

More Than 18 Years of Excellence

Since 2000, Dr. Heathman and his team have been providing patients with personalized dental care that goes above and beyond the typical treatment experience.

Meet the Team

Healthy Smiles for the Whole Family

Dr. Heathman
Dr. Heathman

Every member of our team is passionate about helping you achieve a healthy, comfortable, and attractive smile. To personalize your dental care, we focus on getting to know your concerns and goals, learning about your lifestyle, and other important factors. Working with patients of all ages, we are also accustomed to anticipating changes in oral health needs to help you and your family consistently maintain optimal oral health.

At Heathman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe that visiting the dentist should be a positive experience. Our office features an upscale, relaxing environment with French country decor. We also take advantage of the calming effects of nature by providing views of a beautiful, five-acre pond from each operatory. 

Gary's picture

Gary C.

July 17, 2018

Obvious excellence of skill; definite professionalism of interaction; certain genuineness of concern. Best dentist and staff I've ever experienced. View On Google

Our Most Common Procedures

Implant Restoration

Using the finest materials, a reputable lab, and an eye for precision, Dr. Heathman expertly restores dental implants. This advanced treatment completely replaces natural teeth so you can eat, speak, and smile confidently.

Unparalleled Function and Aesthetics

Dental Crowns

Dr. Heathman offers a variety of dental crown materials to restore strength and structure to damaged teeth. With several types of durable, tooth-colored restorations available, you can also maintain the aesthetics of your smile.

Restore Your Oral Health

Root Canal Therapy

Using advanced rotary instruments, Dr. Heathman can perform more efficient, precise root canal treatment. While the procedure is typically no more uncomfortable than a filling, we offer nitrous oxide and oral medication.

Eradicate Harmful Infection

A Full Spectrum of Treatment

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"Dr. Heathman has always done great work on me! He makes sure his patients are well taken care of! Highly recommended."

-Sara Meeks
Little Rock, AR